Christmas 2020 Lockdown/Tiers.. 1, 2 or 3?

Admittedly I when I hear the word 'Tiers' I automatically think CAKE! Sadly though right now it means something completely different, however, Christmas is approaching whether we like it or not and this year has been pretty rubbish all round; as am sure you'd agree. So if you can't spoil yourself at Christmas when can you? Have put together a Specials Price List which includes Bailey's truffles for a bit of indulgence or why not get the kids a Gingerbread House which will last for a few days of Christmas at least... and after all ginger is good to ward off colds.. just saying! Can also provide your Christmas Dinner Dessert if you'd prefer a change from the usual pudding. Why not try a Pavlova filled with seasonal fruit or a warming Sunken Pear in Dark Gingerbread Cake covered in fresh cream....Am open for collections until late on Christmas Eve.

Life is happier with cake... and this year especially we all need a bit of cheering up!

Click on the contact link or call me on 07500041014 and I'll send you the Christmas List and look forward to hearing and seeing you (keeping with Covid requirements obviously).

In the meantime keep safe xx