Chocolate gifts (or Mother's Day and Easter..)

Well.. after this last year who doesn't want to stuff their face - sorry - indulge themselves with glorious chocolate... I've obviously diversified due to Covid.... and do love working with chocolate. I've been creating boxes full of truffles and treats such as mini Champagne bottles, made of solid milk chocolate, and Easter Bunnies. I'm using the finest Belgian chocolate in Milk, Dark, White and now even Ruby flavour. Now am not supposed to eat chocolate so Justin is my chief taster.. but I have tried the Ruby as I need to know what it's like or I won't sell it - had to be done. Anyway it's beautifully soft and slightly citrusy .. so goes well with pecans and cranberries hence the Ruby Chocolate Slab. It's a keeper :-))

So anyway, am busy making up Mother's Day hampers full of Brownies, Rocky Road, Champagne chocolate bottles, iced cookies, Ruby Slabs and, of course, truffles. The truffles are made with Whisky, Irish Cream Liqueur and also Rum. They can be made without alcohol .. honestly! So have a peek at the Shop and note that the boxes of 16 truffles and/or chocolates are Letterbox friendly. I'm also doing free postage so there';s another incentive to indulge ;-)