Black Raspberry Liqueur Truffles

Well, not sure where to start... but I wanted to create a truffle in memory of my fun-loving, beautiful cousin, Our Claire, who we sadly lost last year due to cancer - not going to give it a capital letter as it doesn't deserve one... So I remembered that once at some family celebration, me and our Claire both produced a bottle of Chambord each to add to the obligatory fizz as a cheeky surprise for the event. As for the choice of topping; one of our last chats was about an amazing painting one of her beautiful daughters had created for her. Claire wanted more glitter on it.. she said she 'flipping well loved glitter' ... and so the 'Claire' truffle was born.

This truffle can be made with dark or milk chocolate; it suits both trust me! And it's topped with hot pink edible glitter. Its my jewel in the crown truffle and I LOVE IT. Its proving to be a popular one :-)) Have been selling boxes of this one on its own but it would complement the mixed chocolates with raspberry or strawberry pieces. Spoil yourself; life is too short to deny the simple pleasures around us!